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Tyre Manufacturers - Comforser Tyres

Comforsertyres- Leading tyre manufacturer from the Shandong Province, Yishui. The brand is known for producing high-quality tyres with greater performances in their 578 square kilometres large production plant where each and every tyre is manufactured using the state of the art technology. Almost 2000 employees are the part of this huge mass production of tyres. Their specialisation in the manufacturing of tyres has helped them in gaining popularity in the tyre industry along with the massive production of nearly 6 million tyres annually only for the passenger cars whereas the company has marked the target 3 million tyres for light trucks. All the tyres are certified and have got ISO, ST 16949 quality system certification, CCC, ECE certification, US DOT certification, etc.

These tyres are sold into the major tyre market in Europe, North America, and South America, UK, etc. In the UK Forzatyres have maintained their position as the leading tyre suppliers of the Comforsertyres. No matter how tough the competition gets in the tyre industry, Comforsertyres still outshine due to their best services and exceptional sets of tyres. They have the vision of a long way to go in their minds and hence change their every innovation into actions.


  • Offers responsive handling in any weather conditions.
  • Enhanced traction.
  • Superb cornering.
  • Optimised tread pattern design.
  • Perfect for lower as well as higher temperatures.
  • Comfortable and save the driving environment.
  • Durable.
  • Ultimate traction solution for any car or truck.
  • Final steering responses.
  • Damage-resistant construction and much more.

Models like CF 700 deliver ultra-high performance levels due to the asymmetric tread design and patterns that deliver excellent handling and stability. These models are designed using four straight circumferential grooves to avoid aquaplaning and hence is a perfect pair for wet terrains. Other models like the CF 1000 is known to be excellent for passenger vehicles and light trucks etc. We have stocked all the models of the Comforsertyres sourced from legitimate and trustworthy suppliers, and hence you can trust on the quality of tyres we offer.

So if you are indeed interested in Comforsertyres, look no further than Forzatyres to experience the best. We don’t only stock all season tyres but have also stocked tyres solely designed to meet your winter or summer season demands. In case of any questions or doubt, please feel free to talk to one of our representatives today because we succeed only when our clients are safe on roads.

Comforser Tyres Models

Comforser CF1000  TyresCF1000  Tyres
Comforser CF300  TyresCF300  Tyres
Comforser CF350  TyresCF350  Tyres
Comforser CF500  TyresCF500  Tyres
Comforser CF500 XL TyresCF500 XL Tyres
CF500 XL
Comforser CF600  TyresCF600  Tyres
Comforser CF700 XL TyresCF700 XL Tyres
CF700 XL
Comforser HP Series CF500  TyresHP Series CF500  Tyres
HP Series CF500
Comforser HP Series CF500 XL TyresHP Series CF500 XL Tyres
HP Series CF500 XL
Comforser HP Series CF510  TyresHP Series CF510  Tyres
HP Series CF510
Comforser HP Series CF510 XL TyresHP Series CF510 XL Tyres
HP Series CF510 XL
Comforser HP Series CF600  TyresHP Series CF600  Tyres
HP Series CF600
Comforser HP Series CF610  TyresHP Series CF610  Tyres
HP Series CF610
Comforser HP Series Sports K4  TyresHP Series Sports K4  Tyres
HP Series Sports K4
Comforser SUV H/T Series CF2000  TyresSUV H/T Series CF2000  Tyres
SUV H/T Series CF2000
Comforser SUV H/T Series CF2000 XL TyresSUV H/T Series CF2000 XL Tyres
SUV H/T Series CF2000 XL
Comforser UHP Series CF700 XL TyresUHP Series CF700 XL Tyres
UHP Series CF700 XL
Comforser UHP Series CF710  TyresUHP Series CF710  Tyres
UHP Series CF710
Comforser UHP Series CF710 XL TyresUHP Series CF710 XL Tyres
UHP Series CF710 XL
Comforser Van Series CF300  TyresVan Series CF300  Tyres
Van Series CF300
Comforser Van Series CF350  TyresVan Series CF350  Tyres
Van Series CF350