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Tyre Manufacturers - Double Star Tyres

The brand was established in 1921 with its two manufacturing base in Qingdao and Shiyan. One of the leading tyre manufacturers that are serving the society both locally as well as at the international levels. The brand follows the principle of Green environment alive in their minds, and hence all the models are manufactured keeping the important things in mind.


  • Though a young brand yet the brand is striving to create the most esteemed tyres for its customers and for this reason the company was bestowed with the rectitude of “THE ASIA’S 500 MOST INFLUENTIAL BRANDS”.
  • The brand’s efficiency has also made it possible to achieve the position among the top five Chinese tyre manufacturers.
  • In 2011 the brand released the world's first-ever lot of lustrously colouredtyres.
  • Recently in 2k16, the brand was valued with various tags like “Green Tyre Pilot Intelligent Manufacturing Model Enterprise”, “Industrial Brand Cultivation Model Enterprise” and also with the “Technology Innovation Model Enterprise” label.

Presently, the brand is known to be the primary contractor of tyres for many well-known manufacturers (local) like China FAW, China National Heavy Duty Truck, BeiqiFoton Motor, Shaanxi, etc. Their tyres are exported to almost 140 countries such as Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Middle East, etc. With the output of approximately 10 million tyres per year, the range includes coloured car tyres too.

Forzatyres are the independent supplier of such reliable and efficient tyre house and offer numerous models of Double Star tyres so that you can easily choose the best from the widest assortment. All the models are available in different patterns and sizes for all your makes and models and are ECE, DOT, GCC, SNI, COP, SABS as well as ISO/TS16949 certified.

Apart from the standard colours, we have these tyres available in various colours also yellow, green, blue, etc. So grab them today at rock bottom prices.

Double Star Tyres Models

Double Star  Deruibo RC21  TyresDeruibo RC21  Tyres
Deruibo RC21
Double Star  Deruibo RH63  TyresDeruibo RH63  Tyres
Deruibo RH63
Double Star  Deruibo RH63 XL TyresDeruibo RH63 XL Tyres
Deruibo RH63 XL
Double Star  Deruibo RH65 XL TyresDeruibo RH65 XL Tyres
Deruibo RH65 XL
Double Star  Deruibo RH67  TyresDeruibo RH67  Tyres
Deruibo RH67
Double Star  Deruibo RH69 XL TyresDeruibo RH69 XL Tyres
Deruibo RH69 XL
Double Star  DH01  TyresDH01  Tyres
Double Star  DH02  TyresDH02  Tyres
Double Star  DS01  TyresDS01  Tyres
Double Star  DS601  TyresDS601  Tyres
Double Star  DS628 XL TyresDS628 XL Tyres
DS628 XL
Double Star  DS805  TyresDS805  Tyres
Double Star  DS806  TyresDS806  Tyres
Double Star  DS806 XL TyresDS806 XL Tyres
DS806 XL
Double Star  DS810  TyresDS810  Tyres
Double Star  DS810 XL TyresDS810 XL Tyres
DS810 XL
Double Star  DS828  TyresDS828  Tyres
Double Star  DU01 XL TyresDU01 XL Tyres
Double Star  FL201  TyresFL201  Tyres
Double Star  RC21  TyresRC21  Tyres
Double Star  RC21 XL TyresRC21 XL Tyres
Double Star  RC23  TyresRC23  Tyres
Double Star  RH63  TyresRH63  Tyres
Double Star  RH63 XL TyresRH63 XL Tyres
Double Star  RH65 XL TyresRH65 XL Tyres
Double Star  RH67 XL TyresRH67 XL Tyres
Double Star  RH69 XL TyresRH69 XL Tyres