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Tyre Manufacturers - Falken Tyres

Company profile: Falken is a tyre manufacturing unit that commenced in 1983 in Japan with a focus on high-performance tyres and has prolonged those commencements to become well known for good value tyres for all your makes and models. Falkentyres sub-brand of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries from Japan. Falken has utilised all the knowledge and experience it has gained from last so many years. Falkentyres are suitable for the passenger car, light truck, and medium truck. Since 1983, FalkenTyres are well known due to their Ultra High Performance worldwide, and all these tyres are intensely tested before they reach your hands.

Why Falkentyres?

  • All Falkentyres are focused on Ultra High-Performance methodology for their worldwide distribution. We have stocked the products range to deliver the maximum performance tyres to our clients along with sure-footed grip in any weather condition.
  • All these tyres comprehend cutting edge styling and ultra plus fitments.
  • Improved cornering grip and anti-wandering performance.
  • High-performance tyres are the primary beneficiary of Falken'styres.
  • They deliver excellent driving properties and finest vehicle control and that too at any speed and on any street surface.
  • The brand uses “Advanced 4D Nano Design”, Nur-Spec Compound and state of the art technology in their production process.
  • Extra Hard wearing silica compound.
  • The rubber mixture of Falkentyres not only promotes comfortable driving but also diminishes the risk of aquaplaning.

Models- FalkenWildpeak AT type of tyres is the dynamic and rugged, providing max traction for trucks and jeeps and concocted to provide a noise free and comfortable ride with superior handling and control for today's leading sedans. For the winter season, FalkenEurowinter HS449 or the FalkenEspia EPZ II is perfect for definitive grip on ice, snow, or cold, dry road surfaces. Forzatyres have stocked a full range of Falkentyres in very attractive tread patterns and sidewall designs. These tyres are very competitively priced to keep your costs in control. For touring purposes; AZENIS PT722 is a perfect option with deeper grooves which in return helps in avoiding aquaplaning on wet surfaces. All the tyres irrespective of the models are very competitively priced at Forzatyres. We strive to excel in the supply of these tyres in the town and nearby areas. So you can trust us!

Falken Tyres Models

Falken BI851 TyresBI851 Tyres
Falken FK452 TyresFK452 Tyres
Falken FK453 TyresFK453 Tyres
Falken HS439 TyresHS439 Tyres
Falken RI151 TyresRI151 Tyres
Falken ZE-914  TyresZE-914  Tyres
Falken ZE-914 XL TyresZE-914 XL Tyres
ZE-914 XL
Falken ZE912  TyresZE912  Tyres