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Infinity Tyres

Infinity Tyres is a brand of of the Al Dobowi Group based in Dubai. About 1,500 employees work in different countries for the company, including in India, the actual home of the company owner. Infinity was founded in the year 2004 - many of the Infinity tyres are also manufactured in China.

With partners all over the world, the products are intended to reach customers and compete with established competitors. In the UK the brand is already well known compared to other European countries. But this should change - with quality products at attractive prices.

Infinity tyres are available for various vehicle segments such as passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, SUVs and off-roaders. The Infinity Ecomax, for example, is an ultra high performance tyre for sporty vehicles. The competitive pricing makes these tyres an interesting product for cost-conscious drivers.

Infinity Winter tyres, Summer tyres and all season tyres

We at Forza Tyres would like to offer you Infinity tyres just right for your budget and for every season. Therefore, you can discover a wide selection of Infinity tyres for you available on our website. These tyres are well- known for their very good

value for money. We are confident, you will find the right tyre in the right size on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced experts will be happy to help and give advice.

Why buy Infinity tyres?

The price alone should not be the only criterion when you opt for Infinity tyres. Rather, the performance of these tyres is at the forefront, so that you can feel safe all year round and under every driving condition. For this to be ensured, it is particularly important that you do not exceed the maximum speed specified by the manufacturer. In addition, you should only select those Infinity tyres that also match your vehicle type. Remember that the EU tyre label contains more information about the tyres. Of course, you can also look forward to a good braking performance as well as a sturdy profile pattern in your new Infinity tyres.

Infinity Tyres Models

Infinity 059 Tyres059 Tyres
Infinity Eco Pioneer  TyresEco Pioneer  Tyres
Eco Pioneer
Infinity Eco Pioneer XL TyresEco Pioneer XL Tyres
Eco Pioneer XL
Infinity Ecomax  TyresEcomax  Tyres
Infinity Ecomax XL TyresEcomax XL Tyres
Ecomax XL
Infinity Ecosis  TyresEcosis  Tyres
Infinity Ecosis XL TyresEcosis XL Tyres
Ecosis XL
Infinity Ecotrek  TyresEcotrek  Tyres
Infinity Ecotrek XL TyresEcotrek XL Tyres
Ecotrek XL
Infinity Ecovantage  TyresEcovantage  Tyres
Infinity Ecozen  TyresEcozen  Tyres
Infinity Ecozen XL TyresEcozen XL Tyres
Ecozen XL
Infinity Enviro  TyresEnviro  Tyres
Infinity Enviro H/T XL TyresEnviro H/T XL Tyres
Enviro H/T XL
Infinity Enviro XL TyresEnviro XL Tyres
Enviro XL
Infinity GL699  TyresGL699  Tyres
Infinity INF-030  TyresINF-030  Tyres
Infinity INF-040  TyresINF-040  Tyres
Infinity INF-040 XL TyresINF-040 XL Tyres
INF-040 XL
Infinity INF-049  TyresINF-049  Tyres
Infinity INF-049 XL TyresINF-049 XL Tyres
INF-049 XL
Infinity INF-05  TyresINF-05  Tyres
Infinity INF-05 XL TyresINF-05 XL Tyres
Infinity INF-059  TyresINF-059  Tyres
Infinity INF-100  TyresINF-100  Tyres
Infinity INF-200  TyresINF-200  Tyres
Infinity INF-200 XL TyresINF-200 XL Tyres
INF-200 XL
Infinity LMC5  TyresLMC5  Tyres
Infinity LMC9  TyresLMC9  Tyres
Infinity R616  TyresR616  Tyres