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Tyre Manufacturers - Kormoran Tyres

Kormorant tyres

Kormoran is a trademark of the Polish tyre manufacturer Stomil Olsztyn and has existed for about 30 years. The company is part of Michelin and can therefore benefit from the research and development know-how of the French group. In the first years after the start of the cooperation, the sales grew to more than one million tyres. Cormorant tyres are mainly used

for trucks and buses, where they have a good reputation. This is a good price / performance ratio - which makes them so popular with professional driving companies who pay even more attention to these facts than average drivers.

Economical tyres:

The economy is one side, the quality and reliability another, which is at least as important. Many Kormoran tyres have a Michelin tradition which is, after all, a premium manufacturer. Many of these tyres have been tested independently tested and got good marks as in wear and fuel consumption, which reflects the competence of the brand.

Kormoran tyres for safe driving conditions:

If you want to equip your vehicle with Kormoran tyres, we have a wide selection of the most popular tyres of this brand for you on offer. There are Summer tyres, Winter tyres (sometimes these tyres are also available with the M + S marking), SUV/4x4 tyres available. In general, these good, branded tyres are cheap budget tyres, so you do not have to dig deep into your pockets.In practice, like with other tyres as well, please be aware that the recommended speeds should not be exceeded with these car tyres. You can find out whether the respective tyres from Kormoran fit your vehicle just by using our convenient search engine on the homepage. If you are not sure, have some questions or need advice, please get in touch. We will be happy to help you.

Further information about the brand Kormoran:

The Kormoran brand is known not only for commercial vehicle tyres. The company was founded in 1967 and has been internationally successful ever since. Whether for the city, off-road or motorways, these tyres are specially manufactured for the most diverse road conditions and in the budget tyre range, Kormoran tyres are surely a good choice.

Kormoran Tyres Models

Kormoran GAMMA TyresGAMMA Tyres
Kormoran Gamma B2  TyresGamma B2  Tyres
Gamma B2
Kormoran Gamma B2 XL TyresGamma B2 XL Tyres
Gamma B2 XL
Kormoran Impulser B  TyresImpulser B  Tyres
Impulser B
Kormoran Impulser B2  TyresImpulser B2  Tyres
Impulser B2
Kormoran Impulser B2 XL TyresImpulser B2 XL Tyres
Impulser B2 XL
Kormoran Impulser B3  TyresImpulser B3  Tyres
Impulser B3
Kormoran Road  TyresRoad  Tyres
Kormoran Road DT2  TyresRoad DT2  Tyres
Road DT2
Kormoran Road Performance  TyresRoad Performance  Tyres
Road Performance
Kormoran Road Performance XL TyresRoad Performance XL Tyres
Road Performance XL
Kormoran RUNPRO TyresRUNPRO Tyres
Kormoran RunPro B  TyresRunPro B  Tyres
RunPro B
Kormoran RunPro B2  TyresRunPro B2  Tyres
RunPro B2
Kormoran RunPro B2 XL TyresRunPro B2 XL Tyres
RunPro B2 XL
Kormoran RunPro B3  TyresRunPro B3  Tyres
RunPro B3
Kormoran Snow DT2  TyresSnow DT2  Tyres
Snow DT2
Kormoran Snowpro  TyresSnowpro  Tyres
Kormoran Snowpro B  TyresSnowpro B  Tyres
Snowpro B
Kormoran Snowpro B2  TyresSnowpro B2  Tyres
Snowpro B2
Kormoran Snowpro B2 XL TyresSnowpro B2 XL Tyres
Snowpro B2 XL
Kormoran Snowpro B5  TyresSnowpro B5  Tyres
Snowpro B5
Kormoran SUV Snow  TyresSUV Snow  Tyres
SUV Snow
Kormoran SUV Snow XL TyresSUV Snow XL Tyres
Kormoran SUV Summer  TyresSUV Summer  Tyres
SUV Summer
Kormoran SUV Summer XL TyresSUV Summer XL Tyres
SUV Summer XL
Kormoran Ultra High Performance  TyresUltra High Performance  Tyres
Ultra High Performance
Kormoran Ultra High Performance XL TyresUltra High Performance XL Tyres
Ultra High Performance XL
Kormoran VANPRO TyresVANPRO Tyres