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Tyre Manufacturers - Lanvigator Tyres

Lanvigator tyres

Lanvigator tyres are produced by another very large, very successful, Chinese company, called the Weifang Huadong Group Rubber Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1991, this company is a professional tyre Group and is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of radial truck tyres (TBR) and semi-radial passenger car tyres (PCR). The TBR factory alone produces about 1.8 million sets of truck tyres per year and the PCR factory produces over 15 million sets of passenger car tyres each year.

Using advanced technology and extensive work force, Huadong has gained all relevant certificates like DOT, ISO, ECE, GCC, TS CCC etcLanvigator tyres are being sold not only across Asia but also in Africa, North- and Latin America and Europe.

We at Forza Tyres always have an extensive range of Lanvigator tyres (Summer tyres, Winter tyres, All season Tyres etc.) available in many different sizes.Please have a look at our tyre listing on this website.

Lanvigator tyres are definitely an option for drivers with a small budget. Please be aware, that like most of the budget tyres available, these tyres are not meant for driving at excessive speeds or under extreme conditions. These cheaper tyres are a good option for careful drivers doing normal, every day drives.

If you have any questions, are not sure, whether to buy these particular tyres, want to seek advice on alternative options etc., please contact us. We will be happy to help.

Lanvigator Tyres Models

Lanvigator Catchgre GP100  TyresCatchgre GP100  Tyres
Catchgre GP100
Lanvigator Catchpower  TyresCatchpower  Tyres
Lanvigator Catchpower XL TyresCatchpower XL Tyres
Catchpower XL
Lanvigator Catchsnow  TyresCatchsnow  Tyres
Lanvigator Mile Max  TyresMile Max  Tyres
Mile Max
Lanvigator Milemax  TyresMilemax  Tyres
Lanvigator Performax  TyresPerformax  Tyres