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Linglong tyres

Linglong is one of the many Chinese tyre manufacturers who are also active in the European market. Because of the low production costs in Asia, Linglong tyres can easily produce tyres for costumers with a very small budget. This applies equally to the production of Summer tyres, Winter tyres and also to All season tyres. Linglong tyres are conventional passenger car tyres for normal, every day usage requirements, which should appeal to a large target group. The size range is accordingly broadly diversified. If you like to drive on the limit, we would like to advise you to rather spend a bit more money and take advantage of premium tyres from European manufacturers. Please note: Linglong tyres are not made for use under extreme driving conditions and extreme speeds. If, on the other hand, you are buying consciously, you should definitely take a look at this brand.

If you have any questions or need some expert advice, please don't hesitate and get in touch with us (you can find our contact details on the homepage of this website). We are looking forward to hear from you.

Linglong Tyres Models

Linglong CR701  TyresCR701  Tyres
Linglong EcoTouring Greenmax  TyresEcoTouring Greenmax  Tyres
EcoTouring Greenmax
Linglong Greenmax XL TyresGreenmax XL Tyres
Greenmax XL
Linglong HP010 Greenmax  TyresHP010 Greenmax  Tyres
HP010 Greenmax
Linglong L688 XL TyresL688 XL Tyres
L688 XL
Linglong L689 XL TyresL689 XL Tyres
L689 XL
Linglong LL700  TyresLL700  Tyres
Linglong R620 XL TyresR620 XL Tyres
R620 XL
Linglong R666  TyresR666  Tyres
Linglong R701  TyresR701  Tyres
Linglong XWIND  TyresXWIND  Tyres