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Tyre Manufacturers - Maxtrek Tyres

Maxtrek tyres - great value for money.

We, at Forza Tyres in Fengate (Peterborough) always have a great variety of Maxtek tyres available for you  - at the very best prices.  With the help of our practical search engine and configurator, you can find all our available Maxtrek tyres and also determine whether these tyres are right for your vehicle.We want you to be safe and happy with your purchase.

About this brand:
Maxtrek is also a tyre manufacturer from the Asian region, which can therefore attract attention with a particularly good price / performance ratio. Especially the SUV tyres of the brand stand out, while of course, tyres are also available for your car. Summer- and winter tyres are available from this manufacturer who also offers performance tyres for you as cheaply as possible. In particularly hard winter conditions, many of the winter tyres can also be equipped with snow chains or studs, so that you are really absolutely safe even on icy or snowy roads.

So please have a look around on our website. We are sure, you will find the right tyres for your vehicle - and you wallet alike.If you need help with your tyre purchase, have specific questions or need advice. Please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Maxtrek Tyres Models

Maxtrek Fortis T5 XL TyresFortis T5 XL Tyres
Fortis T5 XL
Maxtrek Ingens A1  TyresIngens A1  Tyres
Ingens A1
Maxtrek Ingens A1 XL TyresIngens A1 XL Tyres
Ingens A1 XL
Maxtrek M7 Winter  TyresM7 Winter  Tyres
M7 Winter
Maxtrek MAXIMUS M1 TyresMAXIMUS M1 Tyres
Maxtrek Sierra S6  TyresSierra S6  Tyres
Sierra S6
Maxtrek Sierra S6 XL TyresSierra S6 XL Tyres
Sierra S6 XL
Maxtrek SU-830  TyresSU-830  Tyres