195/45 R16 Tyres

    One such tyre that has boosted up in the market is 195/45 R16. In the recent times, it is one of the best tyres that you can own for your vehicle. As the title suggests, it’s not a brand, but the dimensions or the measurements of the tyre.

    First and foremost is the thickness of the tyre, i.e. the overall width is calculated here in millimetres. Hence the width of this tyre is 195mm. Also, the width of the tyre is measured when the vehicle is fully unloaded and the widest part of the tyre is the part that counts. Then comes the flank height of the tyre in ratio and hence, the stroke in between both the figures is used for a clear view. You can simply get the height of the tyre by using the percentage method for calculating with regard to the width of the tyre. Therefore, the height of the tyre would be 195mm *0.45= 92.25. You don’t have to get confused with the letter R in between the title. It is present in the title to help you know that the tyre is a radial tyre. Finally, the last two digits talk about the rim size of the tyre. It can also be called as the diameter of the tyre. The rim size is measured in inches and so for this tyre, the rim size is not less than 16inches.

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