195/55 R15 Tyres

    Tyres have always been an important task for people who like to drive through roads very often. If you being one amongst them and planning to buy new tyres for your vehicle, 195/55 R15 is one such tyre that will suit your vehicle in the best way possible. Though the term looks complicated to interpret, it is really easy to figure out the term. Just spare a few minutes to picture out the title. The initial 3 figures are the thickness of the tyre with regard to its largest part. It is measured in millimetres and is also taken out when the vehicle is fully unloaded. Hence the thickness of this tyre is 195mm. The number 55 is the ratio of the flank height for this particular tyre and so the slash has been made use of in between the two figures. Therefore, to acquire the exact height of the tyre, all you have to do is multiply the flank height with the corresponding width of the tyre in a percentage format. And so the height of the tyre will be 195mm *0.55= 107.25.

    The letter R in the above title is nothing but to make you aware that it is a radial or a belted tyre. The last two digits present in the title of the tyre is the overall rim size of the tyre or in simple language, it’s the diameter of the tyre you are about to buy. Such characters are always present in every tyre you come across with regard to its appropriate size and measurements.

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