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195/60 R15 Tyres

    195/60 R15 is a tyre that has been in the market for quite a long time now. If you are confused about the title, then for you to know it’s the dimensions of the tyre. It is basically divided into 3 different parts. First is the overall width of the tyre, which is “195” at the beginning of the title measured in inches. Once you get to know the thickness of the tyre, the figures after the slash are the ratio of the flank height of that particular tyre. Hence 60 after the stroke is the flank height and for getting the exact height for the tyre, you just have to calculate using the percentage method with regard to its thickness i.e. 195mm *0.60= 98 measured in inches. The letter R in the above title is nothing but to make you aware that it is a radial or a belted tyre.

    But if you want to have a luxurious drive while at the same time, own tyres that last for a much longer period of time, the best guidance I can give you is, buy 195/60 R15 tyres. This tyre is durable for a really good period of time and also has the ability to go through all the bumps and jumps that you encounter with the rough roads.

    195 60 R15 tyres online-

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