205/55 R16 Tyres

    With the changing demands of clients, the size and features of car tyres are found in a range of size. There are numerous sizes available in car tyres as per the altering tyre models. This has made things easy for the buyer. The specification of each tyre is designed as per the ECE regulation which is valid internationally. The tyre that matches to your car model can easily be identified by the term 205/55 R16 itself. One just has to keep this term in mind as the first three digits 205 is the width of the tyre and 55 indicates the height of the tyre. With the width of the car tyre, one can easily identify the height of the tyre. The R which is mentioned in the tyre dimension represents radial tyre which is also well-known as belt tyre. The last two digits are nothing but the rim of the tyre which is in inches. In this tyre size, the rim is 16 inches. 

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