235/40 R18 Tyres

    Get 235/40R18 for your car from Forza tyres

    Though you may come across a number of tyres, 235/40R18 is such a tyre that offers really good performance for your vehicle. This tyre is also available in the market under summer, winter and all-seasonal tyres. If it is difficult for you to know what the title 235/40 R18 depicts then let us tell you it is really simple to crack it. The first 3 digits of the title are representing the thickness or the overall width of the tyre, i.e. 235 is the width of this tyre measured in millimetres. Later the digits, 40 is the flank height of the tyre and to get the exact height of the tyre you just have to take out the percentage of the appropriate width of the tyre. Hence, the height of the tyre is 235mm *0.40 = 105.75.

    The letter R is to tell that it's a radial tyre. And the last 2 digits in “235/40 R18” is the size of the rim or can be explained as the diameter of the tyre measured in inches. The above information is normally inscribed on the side of every tyre you come across in the market with regard to the tyre you are choosing for your vehicle.

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