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Are you looking for Batteries Service for your vehicle?


Before you get stuck on the road due to your car battery being down or it does not even start driving on cold winter days, you should exchange a weak car battery in time. This protects your nerves and your wallet.

With us at Forza Tyres in Peterborough, the change of a car battery Peterborough is done very quickly and at a reasonable price.

As a general rule, the battery change should be carried out by a specialist. Because some radios, alarm systems and control units must be reinitialized after changing.

Should you wish to carry out the battery change yourself, you can certainly order your new car battery at our shop.

The lifetime of a car battery

Modern car batteries have a life span of 6 to 8 years. Each loading and unloading process unloads them and takes away parts of its original efficiency. Batteries are susceptible, especially in winter. When the outside temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius, a brand-new and fully charged battery is only 65 per cent of its capacity.

The engine, however, needs 155% of the power it needs at the temperature of 0 ° C. The colder it is, the more this balance is at the expense of the battery. The fact that it is too old or defective is therefore usually shown in winter when its capacity is no longer sufficient to actuate the starter.

By the way, your vehicle needs more energy from the battery in cold weather than in the summer: heating, ventilation, seat and rear window heating are often switched at the start. Diesel engines must be pre-annealed. The engine oil is more viscous, the temperature difference between the engine air and the ignition temperature is greater.

Quality batteries

We use batteries of the best quality and the most advanced technology. Cheap alternative

Do you want a cheaper car battery for your car? No problem. As an inexpensive alternative, we offer quality batteries for most vehicle models at very fair prices.

Our expert advice

If your car battery fails during the first cold night, a simple hot water bottle can help. Place the hot water bottle filled with warm water directly onto the battery in the engine compartment and wait for about 20 minutes. This reduces the internal resistance of the battery and gives you enough energy for one or two additional starting attempts. In any case, remove the hot water bottle before operating the starter and then have the battery checked immediately.