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Are you looking for Brake Repair for your vehicle?


Functional brakes are vital!

We at Forza Tyres think changing the brake pads and/or brake discs is one of the most important maintenance tasks on your vehicle. A functioning braking system is not only relevant for your safety in road traffic, but also for the safety of other road users. To stop your car at any time, and even do emergency brake manoeuvres there should not be any problem.You should check the brake pads and brake discs regularly and have them replaced in case of wear.

When to change?When your brake linings have to be replaced depends on the individual wear. The more miles you drive, the more your brake pads are stressed. The car model and driving behaviour also play a major role here. Besides, the timing of a brake lining change depends on the quality of your brake pads.

A regular check of the brake pads, preferably twice a year, is essential for timely and accurate braking. Because it is not always a serious wear and tear with loud sound development noticeable.

You should pay attention to your brakes

There are some signs of wear on the brake system that indicate the urgent need for a brake repair:

  • The brake warning light is showing on the dashboard
  • Spongy or poorly responsive brake pedal
  • Decrease of the braking effect
  • Frictional or squeaking noises during braking
  • Grooves in the brake disc(s)

You can get your car's brakes checked at our Forza Tyres workshop in Peterborough at any time.

brake pad replacement at Forza Tyres

At Forza Tyres, your car determines the price and also what work is done.

Branded products for your safety

We only use brake pads and brake discs from leading brands to ensure outstanding braking performance Configure your braking service online or let us advise you.

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