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Are you looking for Mini Car Tyres for your vehicle?

Searching for Mini tyres?? We offer the widest range of Mini tyres at competitive prices that deliver perfect traction, control, and grip and loaded with enhanced safety features. Our technicians will help you in getting the tyres installed on your vehicle.

Mini models are always fun to drive, with excellent reliability and fuel efficiency. We can see British legacy in designs of their models, therefore to continue this rich heritage it becomes vital to select the best tyres. There is an extensive range of Mini models on the market such as Mini One Tyres, Mini Countryman Tyres and Mini Cooper Tyres, etc. and so we stock a variety of suitable tyre patterns and sizes. The company has never preferred or stick to any particular tyre brand.

The Mini One models provide safe and reliable handling on the road and are one of the most popular models produced.

      • The models come furnished with Pirelli P7 tyres, whereas the Goodyear NCT5 and Avon ZZ5 also offer a little extra grip, avoid aquaplaning.
      • Winters tyres can reduce discontinue distances up to 20 percent and provide additional grip, so purchasing winter tyres for your Mini models is something you should consider.
      • The Mini Countryman is a substantial crossover and vaunts a longer wheelbase than many other Mini models. It is fitted with Pirelli run flats providing you with the prospect to find the perfect pair at our outlet.
      • Dunlop SP Sport 01 or the Goodyear's Excellence tyre model or the Continental ContiPremiumContact is also good options. The Mini Cooper series is one of the most prevalent from the marque due to its responsiveness and vogue. These models are fitted with Pirelli's Eufori run flats; however, the Pirelli P3000 is the best alternative fitment. The pattern is intended to cut costs and offers lower rolling resistance, making it an ideal tyre to fit the model.
      • Whereas Bridgestone's Potenza, Dunlop's SP Sport 01 and Goodyear's Excellence tyres can also be mounted on the Mini Cooper models.

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