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Are you looking for Tvr Tyres for your vehicle?

TVR- TreVoR is the car manufacturing unit that came in front of the world in 1947. The company has made up great body designs and models out of fibreglass and tubular steel frames. All the design depicts the use of the state of the art technologies. TVR is an independent British producer of high-end sports cars, passenger vehicles and light trucks and vans, etc. The company installs highly powerful engines on their models. Therefore, we will guide you with the tyres that will cope up with these important requirements.

Forzatyres, offer tyres for all your old as well as new TVR models. You need not worry even about the old or discontinued models from TVR tyres. All the models are known for their exceptionally powerful engines that are loaded with impressive looking carbon bodies to keep you environmental friendly. Have a look at the models from the TVR family!

      • TVR Sagaris- An advanced model from the TVR house that incorporated the features of T350 and is equipped with an in-house TVR engine. To keep pace with this powerful driving force, we have list of tyres that will help you to compare and choose the best,
      • Tamora- car described as one of the entry-level cars in the TVR sports cars lineup. Though the car is economical yet the tyres need to select carefully without compromising the safety and quality parameters.
      • Tuscan- a real performance car contender with decent about-town quality from the TVR house that has cemented its place in performance car history. We recommend Pirelli and Dunlop tyres to ensure mega performance on roads. For the budget conscious drivers, we would recommend the Falken ZE512 tyres.
      • Chimaera- one of the most popular models from the TVR family that focuses on performance more than for comfort. Goodyear Eagle F1 and the Avon Z3 tyres are the tyres that will suit your budgetary requirements.

Not only above, but we also have tyres stocked for all your TVR models. Our experts will guide you with the tyres that will give you a perfect blend of luxury and high-performance modules. Thus, we can fulfil all your plenty of needs.