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Are you looking for Volkswagen Tyres for your vehicle?

Volkswagen- one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world and owns many other brands like Audi, SEAT, etc. Thus the brand is known for possessing years of experience and has hence utilised this expertise in the right way. The brand name itself depicts “people’s car”, which makes us easy to expect few obvious things from the brand. Though the company was founded in 1937 yet have sustained its position till now in this highly paced automobile market. VW is now at the pinnacle of the world car industry.

      • Volkswagen Golf- the 5th best seller in the market who has set a Benchmark in this automobile sector. The model gives tough competition to Astra and Focus in the segment of small family cars. Where the design stands for its high quality and highly enhanced safety features at the same time, the tyres installed on it should also possess the same features. So be very carefully while buying the set of tyres for this model. We recommend Michelin Primacy 3, Pilot Sport 3, Goodyear tyres etc.
      • Volkswagen Passat- A Family car and executive saloon and that too at economical price. This model is designed keeping in mind the safety and security of families and put comfort first then focuses on thrilling experiences. It comes with Pirelli as standard tyres, yet we have other options also that will help you to get the most from your vehicle.
      • Volkswagen Bora- car aimed at small executive sporting saloon sector with quality, reliability and safety as its key features. This model usually works well with standard Pirelli, Michelin, Continental tyres. We have mid-range tyres available too for you.

ForzaTyres supplies and fits quality tyres for all Volkswagen vehicles like

  • Volkswagen Beetle tyres
  • Volkswagen Caddy tyres
  • Volkswagen Caravelletyres
  • Volkswagen Jetta tyres
  • Volkswagen Polo tyres
  • Volkswagen Tiguantyres
  • Volkswagen Vento tyres
  • Volkswagen Crafter tyres and many more.

So if you are looking for replacement of your VW tyres, get in touch with our experts today and get the best assistance regarding the best set of tyres to be used on your VW models