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Are you looking for ENGINE CARBON CLEANER for your vehicle?

in Fengate at Forza Tyres

Our Forza Tyres service centre in Fengate carries out the most advanced way to clean a vehicle engine via the innovative carbon clean technology. Cleaning your vehicle's engine like this increases the performance and the life span of your car's motor.

Problems with the engine are usually only apparent when its performance subsides. Soiling caused by soot deposits is harmful to the "heart" of the vehicle. The consequence of engine damage is high repair costs and - in the extreme cases, even the complete replacement of the vehicle part. Don't let this happen to your car - choose an engine cleaning with hydrogen! Within 60 minutes the carbon deposits are removed - without dismantling!

Carbon Cleaner


Engine wash at Forza Tyres:

Removes soot, stains and deposits in all engines
Reduces fuel consumption and increases engine performance
Eliminates soiling of expensive parts, such as turbo, EGR valve, DPF filter, nozzles, valves and many more
Increases engine power when accelerating
Reduces engine noise and emissions
Facilitates the annual exhaust gas analysis
Extends the life of the motor

Save good money thanks to Forza Tyres Carbon cleaning

The carbon engine cleaning in our car workshop in Fengate ensures that expensive vehicle parts do not have to be replaced at all. For example, the replacement of the following components becomes superfluous:
DPF filter
AGR valve

Before starting to replace parts, engine cleaning can remove soot deposits in the engine. Costs for maintenance or removal are thus eliminated.

Our experienced specialists at Forza Tyres will always be happy to discuss the procedure of Carbon Cleaning with you. Just get in touch. We will be glad to help.

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