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Exhaust Service at Forza Tyres in Peterborough

An essential task of the exhaust is to limit the noise of the engine in order guarantee a rather pleasant sound. Also, the system ensures that harmful exhaust gases can not penetrate into the interior of the car, and last but not least, the built-in Catalyst provides the environmentally friendly exhaust gas detoxification.But also the engine power and fuel consumption are controlled by the carefully tuned exhaust-systems for a positive effect. Unless they are defective ...

The largest and most common enemy of the exhaust is the rust!

Particularly in the rear area, in which the exhaust gases are already cooled down, it comes to condensation of the moisture contained in the exhaust gases - and where moisture is present, rust will eventually build up.

A hole in the tail pipe leads inevitably to a higher noise-development, but also to reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption.

Other hazards are potentially dangerous, toxic exhaust gases that can get into the interior of the vehicle and also falling exhaust parts, which can be a great danger for subsequent traffic. Modern silencers are less prone to rust, but due to continued vibrations during the car's movements, cracking of the welding seams is very common.

Modern silencers are less prone to rust, but due to continued vibrations during the car's movements, cracking of the welding seams is very common.

Our expert advice

Is your exhaust defective? Your exhaust muffler/silencer becomes more of a "sound amplifier"? Forza Tyres in Peterborough not only takes care of the quick exhaust repair/change and the installation of a high-quality exhaust model at a very price, but also ensures the environmentally friendly disposal of your old exhaust after the repair.

We can certainly also carry out a precautionary test of the exhaust gas system.

Today's exhaust systems are subject to many requirements, such as reducing the exhaust gas emissions and filtering a large number of harmful substances. Also, the exhaust system, in cooperation with the catalytic converter, should reduce pollutant emissions as far as possible to protect the environment.

Save good money by replacing your defective exhaust-/silencer in time, not just because of the noise but also because a burned-out Silencer contributes to increased fuel consumption.Do you have any questions? Please contact us. Our friendly experts will be happy to talk to you.Suspecting or already experiencing issues with your car's exhaust system. Please let us know - we will get on the case immediate;y!

Have the exhaust regularly checked in our Forza Tyres workshop to make sure it is safe for you and others. It will also save you good money on big, expensive repairs.If you have any questions, please speak to our experts. If you are already experiencing or suspecting problems with your car's exhaust, we will certainly get on the case for you straight away.

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