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Are you looking for Engine Oil Service for your vehicle?


All rotating and oscillating components of the car rely on the lubrication with special oils, in order not to stop operation after only a few hours. This applies in particular to the highly loaded components of the engine, the crankshaft, piston, camshaft, valve shafts, etc. Adequate lubrication must be ensured at any time and under every climate conditions.

Even if you drive only a few miles per year: Get your engine oil change at certain intervals!

What can happen

Too low oil levels put the engine at risk - also if you change old, heavily soiled oil too late, it can damage the engine badly. The same applies if you use cheap oils that do not meet the required standards. They also cause excessive wear, increase the fuel consumption of the engine and in the end it costs you more than you'd save...

The advantages of regular oil changes:

  • The engine consumes less fuel
  • The life of your vehicle engine is extended
  • Compliance with manufacturers' guidelines for inspection (guarantee retention)

When do the oil change?

The particular oil change interval is determined by the manufacturer, the mileage of the vehicle, the time of the last oil change and the quality of the engine oil used. In the service booklet or the user manual of the car, you will find detailed information about the correct intervals of the oil change. A due date might also be displayed in the speedometer display.

Our expert advice

Do not wait too long for the next oil- and oil filter change and check the oil level every second refuelling. All the prerequisites for an undisturbed motor run and a long service life.

Here at Forza Tyres, we guarantee you:

Fair prices: everything in it - oil, filter, work wages and small material.

Fair dates: Simply book your desired date at your convenience.

Fair service: Free reset of the oil change interval display.

Fair quality: premium engine oil and brand filters for your car.

For every oil change, we only use engine oils from the best quality manufacturers and oil filters of the best quality.

The oil filter cleans the engine oil. It retains harmful dirt particles and combustion residues. Clean engine oil has a decisive influence on the performance and the life span of your engine. That is why we only use filters in original equipment quality.

Our specialists will also make sure, the old oil and parts are being disposed of accurately without extra charge.