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Are you looking for Part Worn for your vehicle?


The tyre is the only part of your vehicle that gets in contact with the road and hence you need to be very cautious concerning the choice of tyre you make. Forza tyres have an extensive assortment of the new tyres and part worn tyres in the stock.

Due to their lower price quotes, part-worn tyres have become a favourite substitute for brand-new ones. If purchased from a well-known and reputed outlet or online service, you will feel very less difference between the new and nearly new tyres.


No doubt, new tyres are much more reliable but when it comes to the brand names like Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, etc. their part worn tyres also possesses the same level of reliability but at lesser prices of course.


Both the new tyres and a bit used tyres are legal to be sold by the retailers. But there are few conditions according to The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations Act that second-hand tyres need to fulfil to become roadworthy.

Safe and secure

In no case, new tyres are unsafe and in same way nearly new tyres or part worn tyres are also safe if they meet the guidelines as stated by The Motor Vehicle Tyres Regulation Act. If they are in good condition with a lot of remaining treads, they are also safe to get you back on the roads.

Labelling and Markings

Both tyres are labelled and well-marked to show their legality. In both cases, tyres are marked with the brand name, tyre size, tread, etc. The only difference that you may encounter with the part works is the distinctive marking “part worn” that distinguishes them from the new ones.


New tyres tend to be a lot more expensive than the part worn tyres. Part worn –tyres can save your thousands of pounds as compared to the new pair of tyres. Therefore, part worn is a wise choice to make. This is known to be the biggest advantage of part worn tyres that they are very much economic that will surely make you and your wallet happy!

Legal limits

It may vary as per the countries or continents. Tread depth is the pattern that allows a better grip on wet and dry roads and offers excellent traction and control in case of sudden braking. The legal tread depth limit of brand new tyres is around 8mm, and for part worn tyres, it is around 2mm -3 mm.

For us, keeping you safe is the first thing to consider. Therefore, you can trust us even when buying part worn or nearly new tyres from Forza tyres.