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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?


Performance tyres are solely designed to offer greater levels of performance and have combined elements of both the summer as well as winter season driving. These tyres are usually preferred by the passionate drivers who do a lot of driving and that too on different types of terrains.

How do Performance tyres work?

  • Performance tyres are made from a transitional rubber compound that offers sufficient grip on warm, dry roads
  • Performance tyres have a unique tread pattern with grooves to aid aquaplaning resistance
  • High-density sipes offer interlocking grip in icy conditions.

Whatever the weather throws at them, they provide drivers -a peace of mind while driving. Most of the performance tyres provide a good all-around mix of strengths.

  • Thanks to their unique compound and tread patterns that make these Performance tyres capable of providing better grip than standard tyres and are approved to use in both summer and winter conditions.
  • Performance tyres have a specially designed tread block which means they will work better and provide improved handling on dry, warm roads
  • Performance tyres ideal as they are designed to cope with toughest road conditions and terrains and to provide great wet traction even when it inescapably rains.
  • Superior Grip, High mileage, Dry braking, Excellent Cornering, Wet Performance, Noise free driving, etc. are the physiognomies of performance tyres¬†Peterborough

Forza tyres have stocked Performance tyres from big brand names like

  • Goodyear- Eagle F1due to its detailed handling and grip
  • Pirelli- P-zero is the widely demanded performance tyre by the passionate drivers.
  • Bridgestone- Potenza RE040 possesses manoeuvrability and perfect traction.
  • Continental, Firestone, Hankook, Yokohama and many other premia, mid-range as well as budgeted brand names.

This means that Performance tyres are the only tyres that can truly be to offer best-in-class performance and cannot be beaten when it comes to performance. Our High-performance tyres are known for dominating the pavement with their performance.

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