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What Is a Tyre Puncture?

A tyre puncture, in other words, a “Flat tyre” is a condition when the pneumatic radial gets blown out and making it difficult for the wheel to keep on moving. This can give rise to the imbalance or loss of control or may be permanent tyre damage.


  • Slow or rapid deflation of a tyre is the leading cause of most of the tyre puncture.
  • Failure of a tyre's valve stern.
  • Strike with an external article.
  • Or the excessively worn out tread or an explosive tyre failure etc.


It is highly recommended to slow down the vehicle or come to the halt position and stand on one side of the road, in the case of any puncture. Otherwise, you may damage the wheel if you keep on driving or may also lead to a deadly accident.


In such situations; never forget that Forzatyre is always here to help you out and to send you back on the road quickly. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the tyre before repair. In case the tyre encounters any of the following conditions our experts will not recommend any repair and would recommend replacement of tyres.

  • If the Tread depth is beneath the legal limit of 1.6mm.
  • Broken structural integrity.
  • Worn out, aged or deteriorated rubber.
  • Exposed cords.
  • Any sign of previous faulty repairs and other dangerous symptoms.

However, the good news is that statistically there is a tremendous leeway that the tyre will be repairable and not have to be replaced. Our Skilled, experienced tyre technicians will carry out the whole process, and hence you do not need to worry about anything. We will offer you only honest and trusted service. Your life is precious. And it depends on your tyre's health so don’t scrimp on tyres. Get in touch with us through our particular numbers.