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Are you looking for Steering and Suspension for your vehicle?


Even today there are many customers who do not have an idea about why is it important to get their steering and suspension parts serviced. The first thing which you need to understand is all your vehicle parts are connected to each other if at all there is a trouble caused by the steering or suspension it may affect the vehicle performance. We all know that while driving on the roads you may come across jerks and bumps. This in returns makes the suspension weak within a period of time. When the suspension parts weaken it also reduces the performance of the vehicle. No doubt, your vehicle tyre can also face a lot of problems.

When will you come to know that your steering and suspension needs to be checked?

If you have already made an annual contract with a service provider, then they will help you out with the proper intervals on when you need to get it checked. Or else you can just approach us; we can give you a detailed briefing on steering and suspension check. Most of the service providers recommend getting the check up done after every 80,000 km. You may even notice warning lights flashing over your car screen. Apart from that below are some easy signs which you can keep a track on.

  • Noise from your vehicle while you drive over bumps
  • Shaky rides and extreme bounces
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Tyres do not stay uneven when you drive

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We are one of the preferred Car service company in Fengate as we see to it that our customers are provided with the best solution round the clock. We have a set of experts working with us who diagnose the problem present in the steering and suspension. They not only offer you the right solution for your vehicle,e but at the same time quote you a reasonable price which easily matches to your budget. We are just a call or email away from you. Book an appointment with us for your vehicle health check at a cost effective price.

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