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Accelera Tyres

Forza Tyres are the right place if you are looking for The Accelera tyre brand which is indeed a high-performance tyre brand that offers maximum speed with high-security features.

Accelera is an Indonesia-based tyre brand with elegance. These tyres are designed primarily for the drivers that are genuinely passionate about the tyres with technology. DeltaMax technology is being used in the production process of these tyres along with the different silica tread compound which makes Accelera tyres stand among the finest tyre manufacturing names. DeltaMax tech ensures that an automated system controls the entire production process of the tyres. Hence these tyres meet the current demands of the automotive world.

Why Accelera?

    • These are ultra-high performance tyres with maximum grip, luxury and enhanced safety features without compromising on style.
    • Accelera tyres provide immense traction durability and handling with increased tread life.
    • Silica compound used in these tyres makes them capable of handling and avoiding aquaplaning on t roads.
    • These tyres are energy saving tyres with lower noise and carbon emissions. Not only has this, but the tyres offered less rolling resistance also.
    • The firm but double steel belt on the tyres provide an exceptional grip even on the uneven terrains at high speeds.
    • Their capacity to absorb the shocks with the help of the strong and robust sidewalls is what makes them unique.
    • Loaded with features, these tyres are very economical to buy and meet all kinds of budget.

Loaded with features, these tyres are very economical to buy and meet all kinds of budget.You can check out the entire range of Accelera tyres on else visit the physical outlet for more details. We have Accelera’s Alpha and Phi tyres for meeting your summer season’s demands with lower rolling resistance. For winter seasons, we have The Accelera X-Grip Series with shorter braking distances and more traction control on snow and ice. All the models of Accelera tyres have standard siped treads that stay pliable in cold weather. The all-season tyres from Accelera house can withstand both the warm as well as cold temperatures and hence can be used all season around.

So whether you are looking for summer, winter, or all-season tyres, we have multiple Accelera tyre models for all your makes and models.