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Looking for Achilles tyres? You are at right place. We at Forzatyres have stocked almost all the models from Achilles house in various sizes and patterns to meet your requirements.

A growing economic tyre brand- Achilles produces superior quality specialisedtyres in their production plant in Indonesia using the state of the art technology. Since 1991 these tyres are manufactured by the tyre manufacturer PT MultistradaArahSarana (MASA). From last so many years company has maintained its strong presence in the tyre industry. From the very beginning, they are seen as a very ambitious tyre company who strive to meet the client’s needs by designing reliable, high-quality tyres with an outstanding customer follow up service. Their sales are immensely increasing year by year, and Therefore Company has gained immense popularity in the tyre world. In 2004, the company was occupied over by their new owners who updated the entire system of production and distribution which in a way enhanced the production line o the Achilles house.

Why Achilles?

    With their release of ultra-high performance production line, Achilles used the state of the art technology which makes them capable of competing with the other major tyre company names.
  • They have the best-designed winter tyres that offer excellent braking and grip in the toughest time and season of the year.
  • These tyres are durable, low-cost tyres with good mileage and fuel efficiency. Hence are a perfect blend of features and economy price tags.
  • Forzatyres have the widest range of Achilles tyres that you can get encounter either on our website or visit our physical outlet. Have a look at the few names from the Achilles house!
  • The Achilles ATR Sport- a perfect option for all who require robust performance and traction control. It always delivers more than you expect both on on-road as well as off-road tracks. Manufactured using modern techniques the tyre is fit for all weather conditions and allows you to enjoy benefits of comfort, fuel efficiency and noise-free driving.
  • Achilles Dsert Hawk A/T tyre: It is an all terrains tyre to keep you safe and comfortable on long highways with perfect braking and grip system.
  • Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tyre: An aggressive pair of tyre for jeeps and 4x4s and offers quiet and comfortable
  • Achilles Desert Hawk H/T tyre: It is a perfect pair for Crossovers and SUVs with good load carrying capacity and mileage.
  • Achilles LTR 80 tyre: If looking for a van tyre, then this is the best pair to go on with. Till now it has received to negative review from the clients.
  • Achilles Winter 101 tyre- an economical winter tyre with exceptional snow and ice traction.

Not only the above but all the models from Achilles house offers performance that you can trust at a low price.



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