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Aoteli Tyres

Forza Tyres carry all the models from the Aoteli brand because we believe not every product made in China is questionable.

Aoteli Belongs to?

Aoteli is a China-based tyre brand which is owned by the SHENGTAI COMPANY which already produces seven other tyre brands like

  • AAA
  • Yatong
  • Sanjia
  • Shengtai

Though the company is blooming in the industry and introduced itself to the world in 2002 only yet the tyres produced by the company are reliable and durable too. The production process of the tyres takes place in Dongying City situated in Shandong Province, China and then the tyres are exported to other leading countries of the world.

The company is striving and making efforts to make a strong presence in the European tyre industry and has succeeded too in gaining a long-term foothold in the European market.

Technology used in tyres

Finest German, Japanese and Dutch equipment and techniques are used in the production process of the tyres. Use of such technological advancements means the production of

    • Highly reliable tyres
    • Tyres with perfect traction and control
    • Tyres with Responsiveness
    • Tyres with Ability to cope up and withstand every weather like summer, winter or all season.
    • Tyres with stability even on the bumpiest roads and many more benefits.

Due to such benefits, the company is immensely expanding and growing with an annual output of 6 million tyres ad yet aims to widen the range regarding patterns and sizes.



The AoteliEcolander tyres offers extreme levels of production and that too at affordable prices. Well known for perfect braking distances at the same time and having enhanced safety features. They are perfectly safe to on wet terrains and avoid any Aquaplaning. Overall, to fit your budget and to enjoy the benefits of a high-class tyre, choose Ecolander from the Aoteli house


Whereas the Aoteli ECOSAVER is known for its fuel efficiency, excellent levels of steering and responsiveness irrespective of the road you drive on, the weather you drive in, etc. It will give you high-class comfort and confidence while driving. Due to which you and your vehicle can become capable of driving augmented number of miles.

Aoteli P307

With excellent levels of control on both dry and wet road surfaces, P307 is all set to hit the roads in both dry and moist conditions. In wet weather conditions, tyre helps to avoid the risk of losing control on the wet surfaces and keeps you safe on roads. With low noise levels, while driving, you will enjoy optimum levels of comfort. All in this offers excellent value for money with numerous performance benefits.

Aoteli P607

you will notice an incredible decrease in the noise level and vibration levels while driving. Even at high speeds or on the bumpiest roads, you will remain stable enough.

Apart from the models mentioned above, Forzatyres also stocks all the other major leading models from the house to help you to get the best out from your vehicle.