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Tyre Manufacturers - Austone Tyres

A young company from Australia- Austonetyre manufacturing unit started out in 1999 but within few yeas company geared up to the target and hit the tyre world with some excellent and exceptional pair of tyres. Its collaboration with the Cooper tyres further geared up its production as well as distribution process.

Where the word Austone itself stands for: Australia Number One and the company have worked a lot to keep the name maintained in the market and exports tyres to almost countries. Forzatyres take pride in stocking such esteemed brand into our physical outlet. We have quality tyres at competitive prices for Light Trucks, 4x4\'s, vans, etc. All the models from the Austone house are known for offering a perfect blend of comfort and security while driving in all conditions.

  • We have Austone’s CSR71 tyres in stock which is known for adapting itself to various circumstances and roads and is perfect for commercial vehicles with a high level of wear. You will surely notice a considerable reduction in the noise standards of the tyres along with lower rolling resistances.
  • We have CSR81 Taxi tyres also to help you in making the best use of your vehicles and to ensure that you have maximum durability and grip throughout their lifetime.
  • Austone has a great reputation for producing tyres of excellent construction, and one such example is the CSR81 tyres with special grooves and compound that not only make it a good pair look wise but also enhances the driving confidence of the drivers with shorter braking distances and lower rolling powers.
  • The SP7 is another fantastic tyre from Austone with a range of benefits and is designed using the latest and update ways and technologies. Along with reduced noises, the pair is known for its driving stability and enhanced water dispersions. For its list of benefits, you will see this pair installed on a number of vehicles and sports cars too.
  • Not only the above, Forzatyres carry all the models from the Austone house of tyres, with availability in various sizes and patterns. You can select the desired pair either online or from our outlet. For further queries please contact the technicians at Forzatyres.



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