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Autoguardtyre manufacturing unit was founded in 1970 by the BCT, Beijing Capital Tyre Company. Autoguard is known for delivering all-around performance tyres that too within your budget and thus holds a solid reputation for higher levels of returns for reasonable budgets. The brand covers all the major tyre types like passenger cars, 4x4 tyres, light trucks or van tyres, etc.

Though the name was initiated to meet the European demands now is well stable and established to serve the needs of all continents of the world. Not only does the brand meet the European standards but also meet the guidelines and laws of various other countries. The brand manufactures tyres in a modernised way to produce the better quality tyres to keep ahead of the modern tyre industry.

Why choose Autoguardtyres?

  • These tyres can cope up with the harshest conditions of the climate and road surfaces. Though these tyres are manufactured in China, the entire development process takes place in Germany with German technology.
  • Highly budgeted option for everyday use with lower rolling resistances and excellent value for money.

How well do Autoguardtyres perform?

You may wonder how these tyres outshine on every terrain! The reason behind is the state of the art technology used in the manufacturing process that meet the global standards. Their modernized production plants keep on updating to keep ahead of other brands and hence guarantees optimal levels of grip and shock absorption.

Forzatyres have stocked all the major and leading models from the Autoguard house. When it comes to durability and reliability, the SA602 is no exception. It offers great grip in dry was well as wet terrains while driving. Next is the Autoguard’s SA902 tyre that offers good level of water dispersion and constancy on wet surfaces. The stiffer shoulders offer steering responsiveness and handling as well.

Not only these above two pairs, we have stocked all the major leading models from the Autoguard House because we know tyres are the only four points of contact between your vehicle and ground and that is what ensures the safety of you and your loved ones on the roads. For your safety we have stocked the best and genuine Autoguardtyres. For further details, you can reach us on our numbers.



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