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A market leader- Avon tyre manufacturing unit is the real choice of the champions, and hence the brand is holding leading positions in Formula 3000, Ford Championship and other racing events. Not only the brand has maintained its position but has also gained many awards regarding the quality of tyres they produce. Though the market front-runner was established in 1885, but has now become the topmost leader in tyres and has made a significant presence in the tyre industry.

The Avon chain is widely demanded by the bikers as well as car drivers due to their durability and enhanced safety features at best-quoted prices. All the Avon tyres are designed in a way that they deliver maximum performance to the riders along with comfortable rides.

A quality lower bonus tyre brand- Avon tyres can be trusted on as they perform very well in the toughest conditions too. Forza tyres have stocked only original Avon tyres only that are sourced from trusted manufacturers only.

Why Avon tyres?

  • The carcas construction and tread design of such tyres work hand in hand to make them ideal for you all kind of makes and models.
  • Avon tyres are capable of coping up with the heavier weight and loads and hence have greater load index.
  • The brand is known to serve the drivers with high-quality car tyres, van tyres and 4x4 tyres which we are proud to offer to customers.

Tyres like Avon ACR3 have been intended to extend tread life and provide superior performance levels. The carcas construction of such tyres and their tread design work together and make these tyre ideal for any make and model to carry modestly large lots. CR228D is an ultra-high performance tyre suitable for swift saloons and cars. When it comes to fast vehicles, the Avon CR28 is a tyre that is designed solely for fitment on fast cars and boasts a true look ideal for classic vehicles.

Not only above, but we also have hundreds of other options available for you in various patterns and sizes. So hurry up grab them at lower prices.



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