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Forzatyres are one of the official stockiest of the Barum brand for all your passenger cars, vans, light trucks, 4x4s, etc. Europe-based Barumtyres manufacture tyres under the umbrella of the powerful Continental Group. Barum stands among the leading manufacturers with the vision of “Good tyres, Good deal” in mind. Barum is a mid-range economy tyre brand that offers great value for money without compromising on quality. With the widest assortment of models and sizes, Barum is the name that you can trust upon for all round performance. Known for its high-quality at affordable prices, these tyres are all-around performers. A company with a strong reputation since 1924 for producing quality affordable tyres for all the leading makes and models.

Why Barumtyres?

  • These tyres offer enhanced stability and handling too due to the increased number of tread blocks used in their designing processes which in turn makes sure that you have greater control on both wet as well as dry terrains.
  • With 50 years’ experience, the brand attitudes out for the quality and range of their tyres for all sized vehicles.
  • With greater traction is increased, these tyres offers an excellent braking response.
  • The tyres also offer reduced braking distances on both dry and wet conditions which make them safe to use.
  • The lateral grooves of the tyres help in expelling water efficiently and avoid aquaplaning on wet terrains.
  • The solid lugs on the tyre shoulders increase the contact patch which makes the tyres highly stable.
  • Barumtyresepitomise the fruitful combination of adaptability and sturdiness at reasonable prices.
  • They deliver high mileage and well-driving features.

For your summer season requirements, The BarumBravuristyres is the best suitable pair for high performance passenger cars with excellent control on wet surface high speed gripping under all circumstances and weather.

Highly commended Forzatyres due to the levels of performance the tyres offer against the other well-known tyre brands. Neither we nor Barumtyre brand will let you down in terms of tyres.



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