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    BCT tyres was founded in 1970 and till now it is delivering quality tyres to the drivers all over the world including major countries like America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Its production plant is in China, but it has a large sale of its tyres all over the world. Initially, the company was known for producing tyres for vans and private cars. But today, it manufactures tyres for all passenger vehicles, vans, light trucks, 4x4, etc. With Annual production of up to 7.1 million tyres, the company has built its two new production plants near Beijing with an estimated annual output of 10 million tyres and another plant set up is in Xushui with an estimated production capacity of 0.6 million tyres every year.

    The company invests profoundly in its Research and development and import the significant portion of its technology from the Italy. BCT tyres have the widest range of noise-free, reliable and high performing low-priced tyres. To meet your replacement needs, BCT offers the greatest assortment to choose from with more top recital and output levels. We have brand patterns like S600, ES9000, and S900 Etc. Don’t pass up on these models from the BCT house. To check out the variety of BCT tyres sold by Forza tyres, visit our outlet or reach us at our numbers. We will escort you with all the necessary solutions.

    • The S600 is known for its sustainable features that adapt it to withstand various conditions and environments which include tricky and challenging situations. But you will find plenty of confidence while driving with this set of tyres installed on the wheels
    • Next is the ES9000- one of the favourite BCT's tyres, and it’s easy to see why. With an abundance of thoughts and techniques put into its construction, it delivers exceptional levels of wet and dry grips. You will always benefit from these kinds of tyres that work well in the trickiest conditions. You will also notice a greater reduction in the noise levels also.
    • For all round recitals, go for BCT S500 which has been extensively used on diverse terrains and surfaces to test its capacity to withstand various situations. This pair of the tyre is known for efficiently dispersing water from the wet surfaces and last for a greater time than any other tyre would survive for.
    • Thanks to the rigorous design and testing, S800 represents excellent value for money with an impressive lifespan.

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