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Tyre Manufacturers - Briway Tyres

Briwaytyre manufacturing unit- This young tyre brand was introduced in 2004 and is now one of the well-established and biggest tyre manufacturers in China. Day and night hard work helps them not in gaining popularity among the drivers but also helped them in maintaining their strong reputation. With the annual production of nearly 12 million tyres, the company is on the way of progression and that too at rapid pace. Company is known to produce tyres for diverse application like

  • PCR
  • UHP
  • LTR
  • STR
  • TBR series
  • OTR radials,
  • ST, ATV and AG tyres
  • Industrial tyres etc.

Company exports tyres in almost 600 sizes and patterns to more than 60 other countries and all the tyres have passed the certification of ISO, CCC, DOT, E-MARK, REACH, SMARTWAY, NOM, INMETRO and so on.

Why Briwaytyres?

  • Though the production process is quite stringent, raw materials like rubber, steel, carbon black and other production and designing equipment are sourced from the leading suppliers only.
  • These tyres perform smoothly on ice, snow and other proving grounds and also in extreme temperatures experienced during the summer season.
  • The unique patterns along with 3D steel disc and zigzag sipes immensely help in erasing the water and enhance the grip levels on snowy or icy roads.
  • The wide tread on the tyres helps in distribution of the tyre pressure evenly. Thus, enhanced braking performance helps to make us feel confident while driving.
  • Models

  • BFH51- a tyre with wide longitudinal grooves that ensures water evacuation and excellent cornering and handling even at high speeds. Unique tread compound along with the rubber fillers helps to create a balance in the tread wear of the tyre.
  • JF609 – A tyre with directional patterns solely designed to meet the all-season requirements of the drivers. The zigzag tread pattern makes it capable of handling the snow, mud, dust, etc. without any effect on the braking system. It is a sporty model from the Briway family that lets you feel the presence of style and fashion on the rims.
  • JF818- A tyre with bold appearance and stubbornness all around. The tyre is designed with the cone-shaped groove to drive on any kinds of road securely. Swamp skid resistance and excellent responsiveness are the main attraction of this set of tyre. The structure of the tyre is designed using TCT theory of developing by using the super strong steel cord which increases the conformability outstandingly.

Forzatyres have stocked all the major leading models from the Briway house like SWSIS 712 etc. that presents you the magnetism of art. In case of any query or questions, please contact us or reach our outlet in your neighbourhood.



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