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Capitol Tyres

Capitol tyre manufacturing unit is owned by one of the other renowned, leading Korean tyre manufacturing unit and the brand synonym – Nexen which is serving the society with superior quality tyres since 1942. Just like Nexen, Capitol tyres offer the superior quality tyres at many economic prices than any other brand. Being categorised and recognised as a budget tyre brand, these tyres appeal and are preferred to those who want to have a sporty feel while driving. Not only these tyres are used for sports purposes but are also best suitable for standard as well as for more severe road conditions. Have a look on one of the most popular tyre brands.

Forza Tyres have an extensive range of Capitol all-Season tyres, winter tyres, as well as summer tyres for all your makes and models, be it a passenger car, sports car, vans, etc.

Why Capitol tyres?

The company provides you best driving experience at a relatively low price than any other brand. So you can get these tyres at an affordable price without compromising on safety and quality parameters.

    • Best steering exactitude and ensure the best performance in all winter conditions. It provides you with sportier driving comfort.
    • Balanced and unswerving driving. These tyres provide you with better performance in all winter conditions.
    • These tyres save up to 4 litres of gas that ultimately reduce the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere and makes your vehicle environmental friendly.
    • It provides you with the last longer driving experiences with smooth braking even on wet grounds.


    • The Eco 007 set of tyres from the Capitol house is manufactured using State of the art technology and hence ensures that these tyres are supplied with the highest quality standards. Brilliant stability, fuel efficiency, durability, steering response, reliability, etc. are just a few key features of the pair.
    • Capitol CP321- a tyre with stiff shoulders and exceptional handling even at the toughest terrains and roads. Excellent choices for the passionate drivers that represent great value for money and let the drivers have a peace of mind while driving.

The Eco 003 tyres- another eco-friendly tyre from the Capitol tyres designed using latest advancements and hence helps to keep the vehicle stable even on wet terrains. There are plenteously of reasons to choose Eco 003. With these tyres, you can be much more buoyant regardless of the driving or weather conditions.

Forza Tyres take pride in beholding on such a reliable and budgeted tyre brand at our physical outlet.Our experts have put these tyres undergo series of tests to make these tyres more 100% safe and secure. We have learned more from our each innovation to stock and offer even better more tyres. For any queries, please contact our expertise.