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Tyre Manufacturers - Chengshan Tyres

Cheng Shin tyres came into the tyre industry in 1976 and with continuous expansion and advancements; the company now stands among the top tyre manufacturing units of China. Almost 100 other countries enjoy the benefits of this highly hardworking brand which is keeping on striving to make the brand- a global tyre brand.

Forzatyres have stocked Cheng Shin tyres for all your Passenger (car) tyres as well as tyres for other applications like light Trucks, agricultural machinery and industrial vehicles, etc. at the budgeted price tags.

Why Cheng Shin tyres?

  • They are Proficient and high-performance tyres and commit to providing customers with mega performance tyres under all challenging road conditions, enabling drivers to brake smoothly even on wet or icy grounds, ensures you greater stability and high level of traction.
  • They give us Freedom to travel in all conditions like winters, summers or for all seasons. Thus, it provides you with delightful driving experience in every ride right from fall to spring.
  • These tyres provide you with safety in all type of weather environments which ultimately protects you from various investments in its wear and tear again and again.
  • These tyres are manufactured using innovative technologies generated by conducting series of researches and experimentations.
  • These superior tyres ensure protection from aquaplaning which prevents your car to float by providing complete control while driving in such conditions.

Cheng Shin Models like CST C116 Ribbed tyre pair with Good performance in a variety of street conditions along with the excellent stability and control in a straight line while applying brakes at high speeds. Whereas CST C117 offers riders a Classic style tread patterns. The Cheng Shin CST C is loaded with a particular compound for a longer tyre life and good grip. Sipes of Cheng Shin CST C289 offer improved overall wet grip and excellent water dispersion to give enhanced handling on both dry and wet terrains.

To enjoy all the benefits as mentioned earlier at economy prices, quickly buy the desired pair of Chen Shin tyres from Forzatyres. We stock that are designed using the best technology and newest production processes.We have exclusive discounts also offers for you!



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