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Compass Tyres

Compass tyre manufacturing unit was founded in the 1970s and is known for manufacturing tyres for passenger cars, 4x4s, SUVs, etc. and that too in a budget. The company is on the path of progress and is looking forward to investing heavily in their research and development. Compass is a tyre manufacturing company with a difference and had sales of almost million units in the tyre sector annually. Their Guernsey-based tyre production family Business is doing it well day by day. The tyres have a supple casing which is the core that makes the tyres roll fast and ends up the driver with a smooth ride. When it comes to vibrations and shocks absorptions, these tyres absorb in a better way and hence make the drive supremely comfortable. Their tread design aims to offer optimum cornering adhesion and precision, both in wet as well as dry conditions.

At Forza tyres, these tyres are Available with Standard and Extra light casings which propose extra protection against sidewall cuts whereas new light housings offer the best performance and comfort that will solve all your purposes.

The range of compass trailer tyres possess no harm or damage to the vehicle and load being installed and is capable of both long as well as short journeys.

CT7000 which is among one of the popular tyre options for those who want to carry heavy loads, because the construction of these tyres are proficient enough to handle the load and hence avoids unnecessary damage and lack of grip on any standard or heavy loaded journey. Their stiffer shoulders also protect the tyres from kerb damage, which is again a significant advantage of such tyres.

Whereas the ST5000 supports high speeds along with heavy loads and ensures that you reach your destination safely.

Where these tyres are less expensive, they offer and guarantee satisfactory grip and handling. Therefore, it will be a wrong decision for not buying them. We have a fantastic selection of Compass tyres for our clients to choose from that will make sure that you have a smooth and comfortable journey every time without any damage to your vehicle or the load that you carry. Therefore, these are the tyres you can trust and have faith on and can relax by keeping in mind that they perform best and can withstand any journey.