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Tyre Manufacturers - Constancy Tyres

The brand Constancy tyres are manufactured by Yuelong Tyre Group since 1986. The high-quality tyres are manufactured using modern and advanced technologies for which the Company is ISO 9001:2000, DOT, ECE and INMETRO certified. Of course one cannot doubt when these certifications are attached to any brand. These are Premium budget tyres supplied throughout the world and are developed for passenger cars, SUVs, Vans, and Light Truck.

The company believed in investing heavily in the research and development to produced the state-of-the-art technology. That’s the reason the company have advanced technology centre & four R&D Labs for testing purposes.

Passenger tyres come for high performance, Ultra high performance, SUV, Winter and commercial. In this also the tyres are categorised according to requirements, e.g.,

  • Economic Tyres:
  • Comfortable Tyres: LY688
  • Sports Tyres: LY266
  • Ultra High-Performance tyres: LY566
  • Mini Van Tyre have LY288
  • Commercial LTR: LY399
  • SUV HT: LY788
  • ST SERIAL: LY188
  • Snow Tyre(Non-Studded): LY966
  • Snow Tyre(Studded): LY988

The best part is these are green tyres that mean during manufacturing there is low-level consumption of energy. The tread pattern and rubber compound make it safe for human driving, and the reduced CO2 emissions makes these tyre safe for the environment too. If you are searching the quality tyres keeping a budget in mind, then these are the perfect option for you. We at Forza Tyre always take care that we can serve you with the best option and everything you need under one roof.

  • The features offered by these tyres are:
  • Unique Asymmetric Tread Pattern is in design of Shark Fin
  • Small Knurl Design on Side Wall of Groove - Helps eradicate the propelling noise
  • Step Ventilation Holes technology promotes the safety and reduces the noise making the ride comfortable and quieter
  • The 3D design on the tread helps the expanding of the tyre, thus increases the controllability of tyres on wetland.
  • Straight lines offer the proper drainage on wet roads
  • The keystone block patterns help to prevent the stones into tyres.

After above features the basic features are implicitly involved like Fuel efficiency, Low rolling resistance and anti wear compound on the tread. This brand really uses many different techniques and technology in production of different tyres of tyres. The quality of the product shows their investment done in R&D. You can expect a wide range of the Constancy Tyres from Forza Tyres all the times. We ensure the safety procedures and enhancements time to time. We stock all quality brands so as to make your vehicle safe and finally safety for you!



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