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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Continental tyres are itself a brand metonym. They are leading the tyre market for so many years. They are maintaining their level as world's 4th largest tyre manufacturer.

  • Continental tyres are the fastest way to faultless tyres. These tyres are known for their high enactment on the roads.
  • These Continental Contacts are superior in handling highway, ice and snow.
  • They are rated the best for wet weather as well as dry weather and are decidedly recommended tyres for people apprehensive about driving on bad roads and harsh terrains.
  • tyres hug the road to ensure the firm grasp of the way and do not skid when the driver applies the brakes.
  • For the vast majority of touring drivers, these are an excellent choice. These tyres have consistent performance and hold on the road. You will not be prone to any skidding when starting out or skirt a curve.
  • Ride Quality is just marvellous and feels like there is an extra layer of cushion with a soundless environment. Most of our customers prefer fitment of these tyres to their vehicles.
  • They are rated highly regarding their less fuel consumption. Once you experience these tyres, we think it is easy for you to stick to these tyres only. They provide excellent stability to the drivers under high sidewalls braking.

When it comes to maintaining these tyres, you need not worry about the maintenance cost as they are comparatively small. Recommended! Clients have found them to be premium value for their money. Continental is leading the tyre market due to its technical advancement and development in the tyre industry. Forzatyre is the proud supplier of the family of Continental tyres in our outlet. Following are the names from the production line of Continental house.

  • Continental Extreme Contact tyres
  • Conti Sport Contact tyres
  • Vanco light truck tyres
  • True Contact tyres
  • Cross Contact tyres
  • Conti Force Contact tyres
  • Pro Contact Continental tyres and much more.

Your safety is our priority; we don’t hide anything from our clienteles and always provide them with honest free and useful advice. You can also navigate our website for further details. You can believe in Forzatyres for the elongated life of wheels of your cars. If you have doubts regarding the continental tyres provided by us or any other queries, you can always contact our approachable experts on a telephone or in a showroom.



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