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Tyre Manufacturers - Cooper Tyres

A tyre manufacturing unit with strong heritage- Cooper Tyre is known for manufacturing tyres since 1914 and is growing rapidly by investing heavily in expanding its products, tyres and services. Cooper tyres have achieved the title of a Global brand. Cooper Tyres is one of the most well-known tyre brands in the world and have an enormous effect on the passionate drivers around the world. The brand invests heavily in their production, research and development which have immensely increased the sales of the company with the widest range of tyres for passenger cars, 4x4, lights trucks, etc. They are continuously indulged in looking for the innovative ways to improve the efficiency of their tyres and are hence committed to fabricating tyres of high quality and safety and to the satisfaction of their customers.

Why Cooper tyres?

  • Excellence – all tyres are checked regularly throughout their production process to ensure customers get the best value with superior quality as the priority.
  • Technology- Use of state of the art and OptiNoise technology for a noise-free and comfortable drive.
  • Performance – these tyres offers the best enactment for your cars.
  • Security – All of Cooper Tyres products are amazingly safe, with laborious testing performed on them.
  • Sidewalls – sturdy sidewalls help in the easy shock absorption even on the uneven roads.
  • Economy tyres- It is a budgeted tyre that meets the budgetary demands of the drivers.

The company always look forward to m improve the quality of the tyres they produce, and hence Forzatyre takes pride in stocking such kind of tyre brands for our clients. All of our tyres are of the uppermost quality and available at the bottommost prices. We ensure that every driver gets the maximum performance with the pair of installed tyres like Cooper tyres that will make your journey easier and more enjoyable no matter what you drive on.


  • Discoverer AT3 is solely designed to meet all terrain demands while going irrespective of the environmental or operating conditions.
  • For vans, we have AV11which a new van tyre with 100% durability and carrying capacity.
  • The Zeon 4XS which is developed precisely for 4x4s of different makes.
  • Zeon XTC is another fantastic pair of a tyre with the three-section tread pattern that offers stability, traction, overall control and fewer noise levels.
  • Cooper CS2 is another tyre for touring purposes with better fuel efficiency and lower rolling resistances.

Not only we have these, but we also offered an excellent range of car, 4x4, winter and high-performance tyres that have been designed to match your high requirements. You can buy from our store or online also.



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