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Leading automotive tyre manufacturer PT MultistradaArahSarana also known as MASA owns the less renowned but efficient and new leader in the tyre industry- Corsatyre manufacturing unit. The company was introduced in 1994 and is Indonesia based. It has been seen as a motivational company and has its technical support from large tyre names such as Pirelli.

Why Corsatyres?

  • Corsatyres are produced using state-of-the-art technology and world class equipment with the quality that no other brand can match.
  • All the tyres from Corsa family are designed to hold the road in a better way along with improved driving precision, fuel efficiency and robustness.
  • Corsatyres compete with the other leading tyre brand names by being more reliable and efficient with excellent customer response and feedbacks.
  • Enhanced cornering power and ability to offer lateral stiffness.
  • Tread cap that suits and works best in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Use of particular tread pattern to enhance the handling while driving, the performance tyres have a secondary blade and aggressive blocks.
  • Natural rubber with higher groove ratio let the drivers have more grip in snow and wet conditions.
  • These tyres are sold on almost every landmass and in many countries around the world

Modelslike Corsa G tyres which are designed using graphene- a new phenomenon material which makes it suitable to withstand various terrains, bad roads, other challenging situations, etc. and results in top-quality performance in passenger cars, vans, 4x4x, etc. Whereas The Corsa G+ tyres continue to offer grip far beyond any other clincher and wear evenly. Such models have the super-supple casing that delivers better performance. Other models like Corsa S33 or S01 with unique design profiles are known to offer better mileage and output. All the models from Corsatyres are much more user-friendly with exceptional value and that too at a surprisingly affordable price than any other tyre brand in the market.

Due to such reasons, we have stocked a wide selection of Corsatyres, for vans, cars and trucks, etc. As the brand is nearly a new brand, few drivers may not be aware of their features; therefore our experts at Forzatyres will guide you with all the necessary information. So we will try to escort you to the best choice of Corsatyres that suits your needs and requirements. Else you can browse the various models on our site and then call or make a visit to our tyre shop near you and experience the best at discounted prices.



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