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Tyre Manufacturers - Deestone Tyres

Thailand-based- Deestonetyres have been producing tyres from last 35 years. Initially, the brand was known for manufacturing tyres for ATVs, UTV, trailers, and for other agricultural and industrial applications. But in recent years, the brand is known for its immense growth in the tyre sector and expanded the line to the passenger as well as truck tyres. These tyres are designed using modern facilities that offer good value and good quality. Therefore, Deestonetyres are budgeted tyres that provide the tyres for the following segments:

  • Passenger cars
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Light trucks and buses
  • SUVs
  • OTR tyres
  • ATV/UTV & Quad tyres
  • Trailer tyres etc.

To meet your budget demands without jeopardising the quality and safety parameters, Forzatyres have stocked all the models from the Deestone house with their availability in various sizes and patterns.

  • All Deestonetyres are focused on Ultra High-Performance methodology for their worldwide distribution. We have stocked the products range to deliver the maximum performance tyres to our clients along with sure-footed grip in any weather condition.
  • All these tyres comprehend cutting edge styling and ultra plus fitments.
  • They deliver excellent driving properties and finest vehicle control and that too at any speed and on any street surface.
  • The rubber mixture of Deestonetyres not only promotes comfortable driving but also diminishes the risk of aquaplaning.
  • These tyres are concocted to provide a noise free and comfortable ride with superior handling and control for today's leading vehicles.
  • Deestone D256, a model of tyres, is the dynamic and rugged, providing max traction. Deestonetyres are designed to give the drivers the highest level of comfort and control while out on the road. It is manufactured using the latest technologies and techniques equipped with state of the art traction control tread.

All these latest technologies help in giving the drivers controlled turns and excellent handling. Deestone Trailer tyres are dependable, long-lasting trailer tyre that comes to you at a magnificent value and can easily carry loads.

If you are engaged in securing a set of Deestonetyres for yourself, check out Forzatyre’s selections and sizes of Deestonetyres today. All the products are 100%genuine and without any discrepancies, because we believe in delivering the best to our patrons and are happy to see them happy.



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