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Deli Tyres

Deli tyre manufacturing unit is engineering rubber into tyres since 1956. With constant progress & expertise, an extensive range of tyres have been added to their production line. The tyres are exported to over 50 countries spread over five continents of the globe. The goal of the brand is to reach a perfect balance with the global market requests. Through research and technological innovation, they keep their products Updated to the latest standards while offering highest elasticity to Please the drivers. These tyres are studied and developed to work in perfect compatibility with the road. An intimate connection between two elements creates a perfect balance.

Features that make Deli tyres distinctive

    • Nylon Cap Ply on the tyres- To protect steel belt and improve tyre structures.
    • Double Layers & Wide Steel Belts- Provide tyre reinforcement and helps stabilise the tread. Also, helps to serves to protect the tyre from impact and puncture.
    • Belt Edge Gum- To prevent separation between belts edge and increase durability.
    • Inner Liner- Low air permeability compound for better air retention.
    • High Apex with High & Hardness Bead Filler- A triangular extruded profile that placed to the top of the bead wire will improve tyre performance particularly at high speed.
    • Great Turn up Polyester- To improve sidewall against puncture and better lateral stiffness.
    • Nylon Chafer- To protect bead area while mounting and dismounting and other external damage.
    • Bead Wire- To maintain the contact between the tyre and the wheel rim.
    • Rim Guard- To protect wheel rim damage.

The brand is known for its excellence in design and engineering that can work on various cars without losing performance, so you can replace your original fitted tyres after a course of time without worrying about the performance. Have a look on the few production lines available at Forza Tyres!


High comfort driving on dry roads, little rolling resistance improve adherence on wet surfaces in a particular compound developed to improve tyre durability.


Superb handling for this long lasting compound, prepared to meet those who want to balance the demands of everyday life with a sporty driving style.


Great performances in every condition, especially on wet surfaces and offers the best ratio between comfort and durability.

Always go for the expert’s advice before swapping or changing them as each brand offers different sizes, amalgams and strides which sometimes may not suit your driving style and milieu. To find out more about the extensive range of Deli tyres obtainable for your cars, contact our experts, please.