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Tyre Manufacturers - Delinte Tyres

Quite a new player in tyre industry- The Delinte line of tyres was introduced in 2009 by the Sentaida Group Co. Ltd. The company is known for producing ultra-high performance and performance tyres. Due to the quality of tyres the produce, the company has a sale of 9.6 million with Most of their production done for the American market. With years of experience, Delinte is tantamount with performance and value for money. These tyres deliver high cornering ability at high speed and a strong resistance to aquaplaning which makes them safe on wet roads.

We at Forzatyres have The Delinte line of tyres at reasonable prices.

  • We have The D7 Thunder which is a budgeted tyre that delivers all-season performance while driving both in summer or winter months.
  • Another well-known model is The D8 Desert Storm tyres perfect for SUVs and offers stability and control even at high accelerations. Its longitudinal grooves help to have a good grip on the wet surfaces without skidding or slipping of the vehicles.

Why Delintetyres?

  • Shorter stopping braking system to improve on-road handling of the vehicles
  • Resistance to aquaplaning due to the directional tread designs and groove patterns.
  • Due to its “Snow Catcher Technology”, their high-performance winter tyres perform well on snow protected roads.
  • Solid shoulder blocks of the tyres work together to encourage precise handling and Lower fuel consumption and much more.

The brand has tyres which are no doubt new in the market yet making real headway in the budgeted market from last few years. These tyres offer a good quality with high-performance levels yet at lower prices. We deal with Delintetyres that have long been connected with quality and security. We offer a full range of the Delintetyres in the UK including summer tyres, winter tyres, and tyres for SUVs as well as for family cars and passenger vehicles in various patterns and sizes to meet your brand requirements with innovative technologies that are safe and environmentally friendly. We have stocked only original Delintetyres with the substantial presence in the market but at much lower prices than the market to offer formidable advantages.



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