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Tyre Manufacturers - Double Happiness Tyres

Double happiness tyres, famous tyre brand from UAE with double levels of security, performance, comfort and durability. Hence are suitable for all range of cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles. These tyres are tested in different conditions and climate to ensure their performance and are used by armies of various countries like UAE etc. in their cars. These tyres cope up with all the roads and terrain and mainly manufacture tyres for passenger vehicles and OTRs etc. People prefer these tyres due to their perfect combination of price and recital which are made using advanced technologies.

The company is a part of the China National Tyre and Rubber Corp. With the production capacity of up to one million nylon bias tyres and 900,000 all-steel radial tyres, the company is all set to hit the market with high-quality tyres. All the tyres are certified with China Compulsory Certification, American DOT, = Nigeria’s SONCAP certification, Saudi Arabia’s GCC, and Brazil’s INMETRO, etc. Hence their tyres are exported to more than 40 provinces, autonomous regions like North America, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc. due to the provincial-level technology. The company uses the Italian Pirelli technology and exports their production equipment from German, Italy, America, and Japan, etc. With more than 20 million tyre production annually, more and more people are buying and using these tyres to get the best out of their vehicles.

  • When it comes to innovation and technology. You can surely have a safe purchase while dealing with this brand.
  • Known to be most open and transparent with their customers regarding best quality tyres.
  • After the years of success in the tyre industry, the tyres possesses huge levels of trustworthiness to the car drivers, car enthusiasts and car makers.
  • Tyres are developed using cutting edge design aesthetics.

The increasing number of tyre manufacturers in the market has created difficulties for the drivers to choose from but Double happiness tyres have maintained their position in the market and are a globally demanded tyre.

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