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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

One of the largest tyre manufacturing unit- Dunlop introduced itself into the tyre industry in 1888 in the city of Ireland. These tyres are made in Asia, North and South America, Europe and tyres are then exported in the whole world due to

  • their high levels of performances that they deliver
  • perfect traction
  • steering responsibility
  • Cornering, etc. and that too on all types of terrains.

It’s been a decade; Dunlop is serving the society with the superior quality tyres and many leading car makers like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Porsche, etc. use Dunlop tyres as Original Equipment. Dunlop family is known for creating a history of tyres that no other competitor could match in any way. There is no other doubt when it comes to trusting them as these tyres are a significant support for major racing events like Formula1.

Forza tyres have the widest assortment of Dunlop tyres in the town in various sizes, and patternsNot only we have stocked tyres for passenger cars, but also we have tyres to get installed on light trucks, vans, buses, 4x4, XUVs, etc.

Have a look at the production line of Dunlop tyres!

  • Dunlop Sports Maxx Dunlop tyres
  • Direzza Dunlop tyres
  • Signature performance tyres
  • Signature touring tyres
  • SP passenger tyres
  • Grand Trek Dunlop tyres
  • Rover light truck tyres
  • Winter Maxx tyres
  • Graspic winter tyres and much more.

Whether its Dunlop radial rover, Dunlop SP Sport, Dunlop graphic, etc. when shopping for them buy the very best that you can meet the expense of. All the models from the Dunlop House are reliable and effectual tyre pairs.


  • Dunlop offers all-season handling for wet as well as dry roads, and the innovative modern blade pattern provides long-lasting viscous friction.
  • Noise level is reduced, and tread life is enhanced due to contour edges that last the distance.
  • If we talk about the outlook, they look robust and sensual on the deep dish rims with solid side walls.
  • They match your predilections and riding abilities correctly.

Consider tyres as insurance and don’t stint on them. We want all our potential clienteles to make a cultivated purchase and feel buoyant with the Dunlop tyres. For further queries, please contact us or visit our outlet and experience best.



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