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Tyre Manufacturers - DURATURN Tyres

You always need a tyre that keeps you safe on roads and supports your financial stability. You need a tyre that will get out of the way and let you be you which means we are talking about Duraturn tyres!! Forza tyres have stocked Duraturn tyres – the tyres that work as hard as you do! The company is known for producing extraordinary tyres and exports them into global markets. The brand produces tyres for all your purposes including standard passenger cars, commercial use, light truck and vans, etc. The company is China based but is serving the global market with superior quality tyres from last so many years without any complaint.

Forza tyres have stocked extraordinary pairs from Duraturn house that are engineered for control and high performance and are the reasonable alternative to big name brands. The company uses state of the art facility and equipment from around the world in their manufacturing. They import their machines from Holland, component cutting machines from Germany, calendaring equipment from Italy and rubber mixing equipment from Japan. The teaming of these technologies helped them to create and design tyres that are beyond perfection and hence guarantee customer satisfaction.

We have following Types of Duraturn tyres

  • Steer
  • Drive
  • Trailer
  • Mixed Service etc.
  • Advantages to the users!

  • These tyres are built to provide excellent mileage
  • They are offering exceptional levels of handling
  • Safe and secure tyres for all makes and models.
  • Provides greater retread ability.

Forza tyre’s inventory includes many sizes and types of Duraturn brand so that you can choose as per your choice and keep yourself moving on roads. Duraturn’s Research and Development is focused on designing product lines that has lower rolling resistance and higher fuel savings and hence meets the needs of all types of customers and users. Grab your Duraturn pair today and allow our professionals to fit your vehicle with the right set of tyres. In the case of any query speak with our staff to assist you.



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