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Tyre Manufacturers - Durun Tyres

China-based- Duruntyres owned by the Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group provide the world with quality tyres in over 200 tyre sizes and keep you safe on the roads. All the models from the Durun house are known for excelling in both tyre performances and road handling capabilities. These tyres are manufactured using latest Chines as well as European-style designs and manufacturing techniques that deliver top-quality tyres with perfect traction and control in all challenging situations and climates. They export their Production equipment from US, Germany and Japan. Therefore the tyres meet the guidelines of the driving associations and are hence certified. They are perfect to cheat every road condition and will give you stunning and sleek performances.

Why Duruntyres?

  • Known for the State of the art production, the brand uses high-quality testing equipment in their development and designing processes.
  • All the Duruntyres are manufactured using high-tech technologies and superior tread design with outstanding sidewall protection.
  • These tyres are contrived to deliver exceptional traction and cornering, especially on wet shells
  • Their tread design aims to get excellent resistance against hydroplaning and hence improves steering.
  • They hold better grip level.
  • All the Duruntyres are pneumatic and assembled out of natural and synthetic rubbers, fabric, wire and a variety of chemical compounds.
  • Braking systems are more efficient and effective.
  • They offer the best-in-performance tyres concerning handling, durability, stability and much more.

Forzatyres cater a broad range of Duruntyres for all your needs and requirements. Irrespective of the model, these tyres are designed using the best possible environmentally friendly techniques that are known for fewer emissions into the environment. We bid a varied portfolio of Duruntyres for our customers over our web portal also. If you’re unsure regarding the choice of Duruntyres, contact us online or visit us today.

Models like Durun's D2009 which is highly in demand or its stability in snowy roads and has become one of the most trusted winter tyre all around the world. For an exceptionally quiet and noise free ride, the Durun A-One tyres are an eccentric choice. All terrain tyre- The A2000 is a great tyre for any conditions. It is designed to withstand all kind of seasons and weather. All the Duruntyres are globally popular and offer a great peace of mind and maximum comfort to the drivers. Therefore don’t miss out these highly beneficial tyres.



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