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The Eternity tyre manufacturing unit was endowed in 2012 into the market and is owned by the Al Dobowi Group based in UAE. Eternity stands among the largest and the distributors of tyres in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates along with in other almost 60 countries of the word which includes Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Nigeria, South Africa, China, UK and Canada.

Where the brand is known for creating high-tech batteries, at the same time now the company is indulged in expanding their business through the manufacturing of tyres. The process of making and designing the tyres is made through the Chinese tyre manufacturers. As the batteries are manufactured in their production plant in Dubai, and for tyres, they have a separate station and keep on investing in their Research and Development process to keep using and changing the techniques of designing. With a long-term vision to keep on serving the tyres with good quality tyres, the company believes in protecting the good name by keeping the client’s safety at first. Tyres sold by the corporation meet the budgetary demands of the people along with other benefits like

  • Offers the drivers with safety, stability and value for money in mind.
  • The asymmetric tread design and unique quality silica tread compound makes the tyres perfect tyre for luxury SUVs.
  • Eternity tyres deliver High cornering, stability and resistance to aquaplaning and offer a quiet and comfortable ride at all times.
  • Eternity car tyres combine thoroughgoing levels of security, comfort and longevity.
  • The irregular and multi-pitch design which is intended to reduce noise while driving and much more efficiently.
  • Eternity Tyres, come with economical pricing and good quality tyres.
  • They offer the ultimate in technology and design and makes sure that they cope up with all the challenging road conditions.

Every car fitted with Eternity tyres has extra stability and control over the ground. It is believed that the company is not merely selling tyres and making money but also cooperating their social responsibility by returning back to the community good quality and reliable tyres and services.

With a reputation of offering high quality, safe and efficient tyres, We at Forzatyres feel proud to provide Eternity tyres throughout the town in our physical outlet. We have also mentioned about the tyres in the section of our website, etc.

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