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Tyre Manufacturers - EXCELON Tyres

Part of the famous Dunlop tyre family- Excelontyres is endowed by the renowned Good year tyre company. Excelontyres are benefitted from these two major leading tyre manufacturers. Just like the Good year, these tyres use the state of the art technology in their manufacturing process. The only difference to create the Excelon series separately is that these tyres are offered at many competitive prices and are termed as Budgeted tyres. With the years of experience of the Good year and Dunlop, Excelontyres have been into the production of tyres for luxurious and family cars.


  • Unique deigned tyre shoulder with enhanced resistance to extreme and irregular wear.
  • The excellent performance delivered by the tyre in drainage and driving stability.
  • Good mileage and reliable traction offered by the block design.
  • You can find a large variety of Excelontyres at Forzatyres.Thesetyres already have a good reputation for great on- and off-road performance.
  • EXCELON Tyres Models include

  • EXCELON EV-1 – perfect for installing on any family car and has gained popularity among the masses due to its all season enhanced features. It is designed using unique tread that offers resistances to punctures or unexpected breakdowns.
  • EXCELON EX-4- another one of the best creations by Excelontyres designed as per the needs of a common man. It is a pair of performance tyre designed using lateral treads patterns that can withstand all terrains.
  • EXCELON PERFORMANCE UHP- a different series suitable for various ranges of vehicles
  • EXCELON TOURING HP- great balancing and smooth ride are the expected features offered by these tyres and can be readily fitted to the passenger cars. Widely in demand due to its self- clearing ability on the muddy as well as rocky grounds.

Not only these, but you will also find the largest assortment of Excelontyres at Forzatyres along with the Expertise to guide you and show you the various patterns and sizes available for all different makes and models.



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